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The Western Harbour Tunnel is fully equipped with safety devices to deal with all emergency incidents.
Safety devices in the tunnel area include:
21 evacuation exits
42 sets of tunnel fire hydrants
82 sets of tunnel hose reels
117 emergency telephones
124 sets of break glass units
168 sets of portable fire extinguishers
To handle emergencies in a more efficient manner, there are 90 sets of 24-hour recording Closed Circuit Television Cameras installed in the tunnel area.  It allows our Central Control Room to find out the latest situation and make further arrangement.
There are also 210 sets of Automatic Incident Detection Loops within the tunnel area detecting any traffic incidents happened within the tunnel area.  Hence, the Central Control Room can come to a confirmation of every single traffic accident.
The two tunnel tubes are equipped with 4,537 tunnel lighting fittings which provide a safe and reliable environment to the drivers, and ensure the drivers passing through the tunnel under a bright and visible condition.
The Central Control Room is equipped with Fire Protection System, Ventilation System and Power Supply System.  These systems enable our tunnel running smoothly and provide an obstacle-free tunnel for drivers.
For more information, please browse the leaflet "Tunnel Safety Guidelines" published in the homepage of Transport Department:
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