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Shoreline Cleaning
The shorelines in Hong Kong are under the great threat of pollution in recent years. The shorelines are found with tons of rubbish and plastic wastes. Our colleagues and their families joined hands together with the World Green Organization (WGO) to clean up the shoreline at Sha Lan Bay in Sam Mun Tsai, Tai Po. The volunteers split up into small groups to pick up the trash on the beach after listening to the briefing and tool distribution. With the hard work and sweat of our volunteers, in total of 35kg of waste were collected under the big sunlight. Our colleagues will continue the environment protection in daily lives and promote it to the public.
:Walk For Nature; Fundraising
WWF (World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong) organized :Walk For Nature; event to promote importance of Hong Kong・s wildlife and public・s awareness on environment protection; and also to raise fund for such work. Our volunteers and their families, in total of 30 members, joined the walk to show their support to protect the local environment. The event was held in Mai Po Nature Reserve on a sunny day. Participants learnt about the wetland・s nature and observed animals such as buffalos and migrant birds. The volunteers also enhanced their environmental awareness after the visit of the Gei Wai Museum inside Mai Po Nature Reserve.
Visit to Senior Citizen Centre
Western Harbour Tunnel Company Limited visit Senior Citizen Centres to express our community care. Our colleagues visited the St. Mary's Home for the Aged (Wong Chuk Hang) and had a wonderful time with members in the centre. They enjoyed nice afternoon tea together, and also chatted with each others. Our colleagues not only brought happiness to the centre members, but also inspired by their sharing of wisdom and experience of life.
Children Christmas Fun Day
Children Christmas Fun Day is a festive celebration in December for the kids of our staff. To show our care toward the society, children from different non-profit organizations, such as Children from Benji's Centre did join our Children Christmas Fun Day and share the happiness with the kids of our staff.
Tree Plantation
Global warming is worsening. Everyone should contribute to environmental protection without delay. Our colleagues and their families participated in tree plantation activities at Fanling Tan Shan River natural ecological reserved area and Ngong Ping(Lantau) plantation zone to show our concern on Hong Kong environmental protection work in their spare time. Under the guidance of the organizer, Hong Kong Green Nature Union, our colleagues and their family helped each others and planted the saplings successfully with a great team spirit.
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