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Equipped with first aid equipment for facilitating staff to arrive at scene of accidents speedily.
Patrol Car
Equipped with full set of vehicle recovery equipment, first aid and fire fighting equipment for general patrol and assistance in handling fire incidents.
Evacuation Light Bus
Designed as 24-seat light bus for carrying people for evacuation during accidents.
Light Recovery Vehicle
Equipped with full set of recovery equipment, T-bar, hydraulic boom, winch and underlift for handling light and medium vehicle (under 5.5 tonnes) recovery and assistance in handling fire incidents.
Heavy Recovery Vehicle
Equipped with T-bar, hydraulic boom and 2 winches for handling heavy vehicle (up to 31 tonnes) recovery.
Forklift Truck
Equipped with 19 tonnes lifting capacity and winch for handling heavy vehicle (31 tonnes and above) recovery.
Road Sweeper
Equipped with fully floating vertical channel brush and cylindrical horizontal extension brush for facilitating tunnel tube and associated road cleansing.
Tunnel Washer
Equipped with high pressure water pump, 6,000 litres water tank, water spray bar and flat nozzles for facilitating tunnel wall and cleansing work.
Hydraulic Platform Vehicle
Designed for maintenance for jet fans and tunnel lighting mounted on the ceiling of the tunnel tubes.
Aerial Platform Vehicle
Equipped with 360º rotating, high-rise and out-reach functions for carrying out high reach maintenance activities for street lights, traffic signal lights, gantry signs, matrix signs, CCTV cameras and overhead E&M installation within the tunnel.
Double Cab Pick Up Vehicle
Equipped with crane and tail lifts for equipment / stores collection and delivery.
High Deck Body Vehicle
Designed to serve as a double deck vehicle with mobile workshop inside the rear body for carrying out overhead cleansing, inspection and replacement of tunnel lightings and E&M installations within the tunnel.
Truck Mounted Attenuator Vehicle
Designed for escorting other works vehicles when performing mobile operation activities in use of the rear mounted attenuator to absorb the energy of a trailing vehicle colliding onto the vehicle fleet.
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