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1. To provide a safe, reliable, efficient and courteous tunnel service.
2. To operate sufficient manual toll and autotoll lanes to handle varying volumes of traffic efficiently.
3. To ensure an average handling time of no more than 10 seconds for vehicles using manual toll lanes.
4. To ensure under normal circumstances staff to arrive at the scene of an incident occurred within the tunnel tube and toll plaza in no more than 3 minutes, and other area within the Tunnel Area in 8 minutes.
5. To ensure an average time of no more than 6 minutes for removing an immobilised vehicle from the scene of an incident within the Tunnel Area under normal circumstances.
6. To inform tunnel users of an incident within the Tunnel area no more than 2 minutes after its occurrence through the re-broadcasting system.
7. To maintain a low traffic accident rate within the Tunnel area.
1. To maintain the highest serviceable level and availability of tunnel facilities.
2. To minimize disruption to traffic flow when undertaking regular maintenance within the Tunnel area.
3. To maintain the air quality inside the Tunnel tubes during a 5-minute period an average concentration level of carbon monoxide below 100 ppm, nitrogen dioxide below 1.0 ppm and visibility below an extinction coefficient of 0.0050 per meter.
4. To maintain the highest safety record.
5. To provide a tidy, green and pleasant environment within the Tunnel area.
1. To handle public enquiries (except toll evasion issue) immediately or within 7 days if they were to require investigation via our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline.
2. To acknowledge receipt of letters, facsimiles or emails within 3 working days and to provide written replies within 14 working days if they were to require investigation.
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