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The "Build-Operate-Transfer" (BOT) Franchise
Franchisee Western Harbour Tunnel Company Limited
Franchise Period 30 years including construction period
Construction Period August 1993 to April 1997 (45 months)
Construction Cost HK$5.7 billion
Total Project Cost HK$7 billion
Contractor Nishimatsu Kumagai Joint Venture
The Tunnel
No. of Traffic Lanes 6 lanes (dual 3-lane tunnel)
Traffic Capacity Maximum 180,000 vehicles per day
Tunnel Length 1,975 m between West Kowloon and Sai Ying Pun
Speed Limit 80 km/h (50 km/h for the one-tube-two-way operation)
Design Life of Tunnel Structure 120 years
Major Quantities of the Works
1) Toll Plaza at West Kowloon
No. of Toll Lanes 20 lanes (4 reversible to provide 12 toll lanes for traffic in one direction at peak hours)
Speed Limit 50 km/h
Administration Building 3 storeys with total gross floor area of 4,280 m2 including Central Control Room
No. of Footbridge 1 unit
No. of Bus Interchanges 2 units (on both sides of the Toll Plaza)
2) Tunnel Approach at West Kowloon
No. of Ventilation Building 1 unit (45 m diameter)
Length of Cut & Cover Tunnel 251.5 m
Length of Open Ramp 164 m
3) Immersed Tube Tunnel
Total Length 1,363 m
No. of Units 12 units 
Size of Each Unit 113.5 m (L) x 33.4 m (W) x 8.57 m (H), weighing 35,000 tonnes on average
4) Tunnel Approach at Sai Ying Pun
No. of Ventilation Building 1 unit (45 m diameter)
Length of Cut & Cover Tunnel 355.5 m
Length of Open Ramp 134 m
5) Sai Ying Pun Interchange
Length of Ground Level Roads 3,000 m
No. of Traffic Control Point 1 unit
6) Route 4 (Sheung Wan to Belcher Bay)
No. of Bridges 17 units
Elevated Length 3,230 m
Paved Deck Area 43,000 m2
7) Electrical & Mechanical
Tunnel Ventilation Fans 36 reversible fans (2.5 m diameter)
Jet Fans for Smoke Control 10 sets
Air Quality Environmental Sensors 10 sets
Tunnel Lightings Fittings 4,537 units
Drainage Pumps 37 units
Traffic Control Signs / Signals 256 units
Automatic Incident Detection Loops 210 units
Overheight Vehicle Detectors 6 sets
CCTV Cameras 90 units
Vehicle Weighing Facilities 3 sets
No. of Autotoll Lanes 6 lanes (additional 2 autotoll lanes are reserved)
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